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Bogus HMRC Calls, Texts and Emails

With the new tax year and the numerous COVID suport schemes, here's a timely reminder to be alert when receiving calls, texts and emails from HMRC as scams are sadly still extremely prevent.

With regards to telephone calls, a frequently reported scam is the use of either an automated voice, or highly aggressive representative stating you owe a tax sum and there is a warrant out for arrest! Any call like this should be immediately reported as fake. If in doubt, leave the call and contact HMRC directly.

Additionally taxpayers may receive emails or text messages from HMRC citing they owe tax or are even due to a refund, asking them to click through a link and enter their bank details to be repaid. HMRC will not contact you like this, and again any such occurrence should be reported.

And with the COVID grants in full effect, we are seeing an increase in fraud around these areas, with unsolicited calls, texts and emails from scammers trying to obtain your details to "pay you a grant" you never knew you were eligible for, or indeed existed!

If ever in doubt as to whether contact is genuine, , do not reply to the messages or phone call, and immediately contact HMRC through the official channels to verify.


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