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Our guide to Limited Company Expenses

"What expenses are allowable in my Limited Company?"

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked client questions, and understandably so. The tax burden of owning and operating a limited company is getting heavier. With Corporation Tax rates set to increase as well as tax on profit extraction (i.e Dividends) increasing next year, now is the time for owner managed limited companies to start taking stock of what expenses a company can claim for to offset against corporation tax, and the personal tax implications of any benefit in kind.

We're going to periodically look at different types of expenses in this series, including what is allowable, as well as why certain expenses are not allowable. We'll also be introducing you to some of our associates who can help in each particular field.

As always, these articles are for information only and do not constitute formal advice - should you wish for detailed, specific guidance, please contact us directly to discuss your circumstances.

We'll update our index below as and when we upload new articles on relevant expenditure - please click on each heading to find out more.

  1. Annual Investment Allowance

  2. Private Medical Insurance

  3. Pensions

  4. Company Cars

  5. Relevant Life Plans

  6. The "Big List" - A recap of general allowable expenditure for both companies and sole traders


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