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20th April launch date for Job Retention Scheme for COVID -19

HMRC have informed us they intend to launch the Job retention scheme slightly ahead of schedule on 20th April...this will be made public a little later today. These are the grants to cover 80% of furloughed staff members salaries. As per HMRC - Claims should not be made by phone, it will be an online service.

HMRC will be contacting businesses shortly to explain how to access the scheme, which will be an online application. If we are authorised agents on your PAYE scheme we will be able to help with this and we will be contacting you within the next week to confirm with you which staff you have furloughed.

If we are not authorised for your PAYE scheme, don't worry it will still be possible to claim yourself under what we are told is a fairly straight forward process. 

Aside from issuing letters to furloughed employees as per the template I sent out a few weeks ago, there is still nothing else to be done until HMRC launch on the 20th April - at which point they will have also published a guide as to how to make claims. 

The latest guidance regarding eligibility for the scheme can be found here. 

Note, a Furloughed employee should not be undertaking any work for the business while classified as furloughed. . 

Queries re: furloughing can be directed to , but as you can imagine we are extremely busy at the moment preparing for these schemes to launch, so please read the guidance first as it may answer your question. 


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